the sexual chronicles of...

lola, kathreen, and eden.

three anonymous girls, writing about their romantic & erotic fantasies.
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dreams of passion.

(music: dream brother - jeff buckley)
-skip to 0:23-

it was like the night we spent in the forest. you had me laughing, shaking under the stars. this time it was your backyard. fairy lights strung from the trees and jeff buckley crooned from the stereo beside us. 

the music brought us together.

the blanket we laid on was so soft and so were your hands. you gave my hand a squeeze as you looked straight through me. your eyes were like whirlpools of blue, stirring up new inspiration with every glance. we were so close i could feel your heart beat, faster with every moment.

i’m lucky.

you leaned in to kiss me and i stuttered, “parker-” as you laid your hand on my hip. it was all happening again. the air around us became thicker and thicker. everything was blended with dark maroons and browns and swirled into a bright blue. maybe it was you. maybe it was me. you had me. you kissed me harder.

movement. move towards me.

i climbed on top of you and you smiled. i leaned down to be closer and we laid there, beating as one. you kissed my neck and i laughed. we laughed. the wine we drank flowed through both of our bodies and brought us to the same conclusion.

love will conquer us.

every touch was a song. every sight was a masterpiece. you were a flower ready to bloom. it was spring after all and we were both developing.


you whispered words that were right, that were present, that made sense to me only in that moment. i combed my hands through your hair and your hand slid under my sundress. i had no doubt that this is where we both belonged.

i feel it.

you’re the only one i want and the only one i need. all we have to do is