the sexual chronicles of...

lola, kathreen, and eden.

three anonymous girls, writing about their romantic & erotic fantasies.
ask, submit

the woods and the waves.

you’re right there. right in front of me. it’s all happening in this very moment. your eyes shine like nothing i’ve ever seen before and the sight of your face softens the burn of the sun and the ache of my knee. i had fallen from the tree earlier and you held me by the creek while we washed off the dirt. you told me, “everything’s going to be okay.” and i believed you. i still believe you. you’re sitting across from me. the smell of the sunscreen on your skin brings me back to my childhood amongst the waves. my gaze drifts upon your hands, to your eyes, to your lips. my heart is at sea, a slave to the moon, to the stars, to the imminent storm approaching me. i notice the earth beneath me is so still in comparison to this buzzing feeling in the core of my body. your hand brushes against mine and we lay down, side by side. i feel so content right here, right now. this is all i need. you and me. nature. sun. and sunscreen.